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hydrothermal vent friends

hydrothermal vent friends


15 x 20 cm

Acrylic, conte crayon, spray paint, pencil & ballpoint pen on photograph


Hydrothermal Vent Friends: Many marine scientists agree about the source of all life on the planet Earth could have and is likely to have started from the proteins that are found near to deep ocean hydrothermal vents, cracks in the Earth’s crust which spew out superheated water deep under the ocean. The mix of minerals and proteins that is produced contains amino acids, the building blocks of life. Hydrothermal vents have been hypothesized to have been a significant factor to starting abiogenesis and the survival of primitive life. The chemical and thermal dynamics in hydrothermal vents makes such environments highly suitable thermodynamically for chemical evolution processes to take place. Therefore, thermal energy flux is a permanent agent and is hypothesized to have contributed to the evolution of the planet, including prebiotic chemistry. It has been proposed that amino acid synthesis could have occurred deep in the Earth's crust and that these amino acids were subsequently shot up along with hydrothermal fluids into cooler waters, where lower temperatures and the presence of clay minerals would have fostered the formation of peptides and protocells.

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