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Jonathan Oakes Artist Logo
Jonathan Oakes Artist Logo

All artworks are for sale. Please use contacts or email for more information.

My artworks are abstract by definition and are mainly influenced by environmental concerns and the difference between natural and synthetic experiences. My style has been described as organic and expressive with intricate details. Hopefully in my artworks I create a starting point for the viewer’s imagination. Sometimes examining everyday occurrences and habits, and at other times trying to raise awareness and question our collective behaviours.

The artworks in the October 22 gallery were mainly created in October 2022 hence the title. The majority having been produced on discarded photographs and worked with acrylic, conte crayon, oil pastel, coloured pencil and ballpoint pen.

Whilst I was creating this series many of the artworks acted as stepping off points for my imagination.

 Which in turn lead me into complex and detailed narratives.

The artworks contained in this gallery hold a trait or at least remind me of their animal subject.

The accompanying text acts either as an illustrative narrative or as an information point.

Most of the work in this gallery reflects my environment when composing and editing digital soundtracks. Days and nights in front of a computer screen, staring at the graphic representations of sounds. The majority of the paintings were derived from simple pen drawings made whilst listening to the sounds I had created.

A selection of original paintings completed over seven years with a number of different styles and motivations.

Project 53 mainly consists of A4 sized landscape and portrait orientated artworks of mixed media on paper/ photo collages. Often reworked old thoughts and states of mind.

A person should be able to show the universe in one stroke, their idea clearly expressed. The line is given life and lustre by circular movement and bends, and by stopping the movement it gives it spaciousness. It penetrates all inner nature of things, gives form to all expressions, but the act of drawing never departs from the understanding mind.

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