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As the images were laid out at random, they started to inform each other, just because of their position in the sequence. I began to read the images as a story or as if they were  the chapters in a book. Unrelated non-sequential abstract images.  A narrative without a point.

Gallery Information

Painting Galleries:

The main focus of my work lies in the contrast between the synthetic experience and the real experience. In the majority of my paintings I try to evoke a physicality with broad gestures and sweeping stokes There has to be a soul to a painting, and this soul must be a sincere outpouring from the painter. The outcome becomes the authentic expression of the painter.

Not regular paintings of animals, but I would like to think that they do hold some of the essence or traits of the animal named. If nothing else they remind me of the animal in an abstracted way.

Jonathan Oakes Artist Logo
Jonathan Oakes Artist Logo

Most of the work in this gallery reflects my environment when composing and editing digital soundtracks. Days and nights in front of a computer screen, staring at the graphic representations of sounds. The majority of the paintings were derived from simple pen drawings made whilst listening to the sounds I had created.

abstract painting the story

A selection of original paintings completed over seven years with a number of different styles and motivations.

Pangolin conte drawing

All artworks displayed in this gallery are 20cm x 29cm or smaller in size

Project 53 mainly consists of A4 sized landscape and portrait orientated artworks of mixed media on paper/ photo collages. Often reworked old thoughts and states of mind.

A person should be able to show the universe in one stroke, their idea clearly expressed. The line is given life and lustre by circular movement and bends, and by stopping the movement it gives it spaciousness. It penetrates all inner nature of things, gives form to all expressions, but the act of drawing never departs from the understanding mind.

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