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stupid future

stupid future


29 x  20 cm

Acrylic, oil pastel, pencil & ballpoint pen on photograph


Stupid Future: Just look at all the things we have. Things to waste our time. We pay underprivileged people who live half way around the world to make things in polluting factories non-recyclable plastic fidget toys. That then are shipped or flown back around the world, contained in their plastic wrappings; there is no need to keep them fresh. This plastic is non-recyclable and joins the colossal mountains of waste at landfill that at sometime is shipped back to underprivileged countries to be buried out of sight and mind. Not so for the families so desperate they sift and scavenge through the waste for items of resalable value often making shanty homes from the waste itself.

The victims, the buyers need at least a couple of designs to squeeze and click, spin and pop keeping fingers busy is a must to help focus a young brain while watching flashing irritations of images on a social channel again.

Talk to a disembodied voice that uses your power. Ask it to turn on the lights or play a tune you’ve heard. It tells you what the weather’s like when you cannot use your own eyes. But don’t forget to take your phone when you go outside. Fear of missing out, there is no need to keep up. You notice nothing with your head bent down. Augmented reality you are already there. You might have to google search to find out what you have become.

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