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Worcester Open (Climate Change Edition 2023)

Opening event :Thursday 12th January 2023 / 5 - 7pm Exhibition dates : 12th January until 17th February 2023 Opening times : Wednesday - Friday 12.30 - 5pm (please ring the bell)

THE ART HOUSE, Castle Street, Worcester WR1 3HN

please come and show your support for these local and global issues

Ankle Deep

original artwork by Jonathan Oakes

mixed media on paper & photo collage

The multi photograph collage adds texture; the soft hues are detailed by possible descriptive lines applied by ballpoint pen and coloured pencil. Almost evidence of a light flooding.

We are wading through our house again, just like we did last year and the year before. Ankle deep we paddle in the dark, dirty water. The dank ruined smell rises into our nostrils. About ten years ago now there was a once in a lifetime flooding event, when it seemed that everything was under the water. Since then we are now seemingly and seasonally accustomed to the waters menace. The annual threat rises along with the water levels. We can no longer live like this; we can no longer live here. The place seems so idyllic when the brown water does not cover the streets. The debris of branches, rubbish and peoples once belongings, litter the urban beaches and the dry corners of the town.

Insurance claims, climb once again for plaster work, electrical, floorboards, pumping and carpet. The water mocking us as some of the claims have only just come through. Thoughts turn to living in boats, the mind floats back to the times of busy canals. The waterways were kept cleaner then, not so overgrown and congested with silt, run-off was flowed downstream. Land and fields helped to sponge it, now the concrete only blocks. The slower pace of boat life would have to be adapted, because there is nowhere left to park the car. We are having trouble seeing the river’s boundaries when the floods are in full swing. Fields and roads and low lying houses are vanishing from view. Flood barriers shift the problem letting the silted water travel further on. The cause is the thing that needs addressing.

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The 2023 National Open Exhibition

‘Humanity’ will be the sixth Outside In National Open exhibition and the first to tour venues across the UK. Showcasing artworks by 80 Outside In artists, it will be on view at Sotheby’s in London 9–27 January 2023 before heading to Project Ability in Glasgow in the summer and then Brighton and Hove Museums in winter. My artwork "Assist" will be exhibited.

Exhibition open from 9 – 27 January and it is free to visit.

Sotheby’s is a wheelchair accessible venue.

Sotheby’s, 34-35 New Bond Street, London, W1S 2RP

Opening times of the exhibition are:

Monday – Friday 9.30am – 4.30pm

Saturday - Sunday 12-4.30pm.


Acrylic, chalk & oil pastel

on paper

Two figures perhaps, or maybe one figure with support of some kind. It is always good to know that someone or something is there when needed. There are many ways to help sometimes it is just listening at other times a hug is needed. It is sometimes hard to cuddle someone as much as you want to, just as it is sometimes hard to put your emotions into words. A base coat of acrylic paint is applied onto the paper, when dry the image is drawn in oil pastel. White chalk was then smudged and smeared to “bring out” the figures that provide the imagined narrative.

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Updated: Jan 11, 2023

winter exhibition - part II

8 of my original artworks are being exhibited virtually

visit the Flux review website above

select virtual exhibitions

click on Winter Exhibition - part II

wait for the virtual gallery to emerge

follow the navigation instructions

or click on the menu for options

original artworks exhibited:

Half-Moon, Distant Town

Haus 16

Looking after the Rabbits


The Arc

Brain Dance


Piston Off

all titles are also available at

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