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Welcome to and thank you for showing interest.

Please get in touch via the contact page, my blog or 

Here is some background information about me, the Artist. I have a back catalogue of artworks to upload and will be refreshing the galleries regularly and perhaps even building new galleries. I have created the website to hopefully get my artworks noticed in the big wide world. The website has been long overdue and now, after much procrastination it is finally done.

Jonathan Oakes Artist
jonathan_oakes_eye left_edited.png

I started painting abstract artworks about thirty years ago. I had the space, the time and the angst to release. I moved towns, studied Art and Professional Media at university, graduated with B.A hons. Three years later I completed my MA in Electronic Media.

After about fifteen years of being an Artist I decided to take a break to focus on composing and producing digital music. During this “digital” time I did a lot of creative writing to try and create a balance between the time spent staring at the computer. I also got married and now have two children. The break from painting and art, suddenly had become a long time.

inside my eye

I am restarting and revitalising my artistic endeavours, a comeback if you will. Although I have not really stopped being creative in my time away from painting, it is just my focus had been elsewhere. I have built myself an art studio, my equipment is ready, and I am looking forward to establishing my artistic career once again. Many sincere thanks Jonathan Oakes (Artist).

Artist image manipulated
abstract drawing Curing
art 4 oka image altered blue

red oka manipulated

blue drain altered

abstract logo Jonathan Oakes
abstract logo Jonathan Oakes
abstract logo Jonathan Oakes
abstract logo Jonathan Oakes
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