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Exhibition Now On!

I have 12 original abstract artworks on display at the Courtyard Gallery

This Exhibition is now on!

The Courtyard Gallery

Ballroom Arts

152 High Street



IP15 5AQ

smallest-applauded.tungsten (w3w)

You can see more of my artworks and information at

Below are some of the paintings that I am exhibiting at the Courtyard Gallery.

Chapter 9 rest

acrylic & conte crayon on photograph

The scene is relaxed and contemplative. The image could be translated as restful beneath a calm blue background. The subtle beige/ brown complements the blue. The texture is highlighted by the conte crayons reaction to the under painting which in turn adds detail and intrigue.

It Reminds Me of the Docks

Mixed media on paper/ photo collage

Delicate ballpoint pen and coloured pencil work plays over the surfaces of the materials within the collage. Details are noticed on the larger colour planes. Conte crayon, wax and acrylic paint is also sometimes used. It reminds me of the docks. What 3 words locations. Serve -monkey -anyway, bolt -slip -work, wide -frosted -fear and honey -tone -left

More information of upcoming exhibitions is to follow.

As well as posts on a number of projects I have on the go.

At present I have 53 artworks on display at various venues.

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