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New For Old

I have uploaded some new/old images onto the website !!!

New /old because these particular artworks were completed a few years ago now and have been in storage, actually at the back of an old portfolio.

I have mentioned before that I have been creating art for many years now. Obviously within that time ideas and emphasises change and even techniques alter.

Many things have happened since I produced these artworks, both on a personal level as well as an external level. Getting married, moving house several times, mundane jobs and having children to name but a few in no particular order. For example when I made some of these newly uploaded artworks compact discs had only just started to be available for data storage, usb drives and Gigabyte storage was unheard of. However, now I would like to think that I am older, wiser and wonderfully weather worn.

New for old or old for new. rediscovering these old artworks takes me back in time, to a different me. New technologies (digital photographs) have been applied and the images have been uploaded to the "un-themed" gallery at and are awaiting a loving home.

Welcome Shelter Egg strap Brain dance Assist

There are many more additions to come, but I will have to jiggle the website content around a little and maybe make some more galleries to keep it streamlined.

There has been a delay in postings as I have been absorbed and immersed in creating new works in my small creative windows. These are generally the updating and enhancing of previous sketch book ideas and experiments based on collages which include discarded photographs. I must have produced around thirty A4 sized artworks all of a similar flavour. All these old/new artworks need scanning in and preparing etc. This will be done soon enough, but as mentioned above another gallery will need to be created to exhibit the new additions.

I have finally sorted an account on Instagram so please follow when you can and spread the word. more time required to do more things for less physical achievement. #art4oka

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