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Prepare to go Solo

Original Artworks

Yes! It is my long awaited solo art exhibition!

Finally after months of planning. The venue was booked too long ago to even remember, though I could probably just check. It just seems like this has been looming and looming.

Guess what? It starts next week!

art4oka exhibition flyer

for more information please email

I like to be organised as a rule, checking and rechecking, you know the type. As it is my first ever solo art exhibition I want to be fully prepared. However, I am not entirely sure if I have written a list of the things that I need to do. I am almost done, but there is always that danger of having forgotten something.

original artwork by abstract artist Jonathan Oakes

May I (detail)

acrylic, pencil & conte on paper

original artwork by Jonathan Oakes

I have even asked my long time friend who I see on a yearly basis to come and help me hang it. This kind of completes a circle (although nothing is over) . This friend we can call him Jim, started me thinking that I could do art, back in the days when I was a frustrated welder in Sheffield. In fact if it wasn't for his direct or non direct influence I may not have even explored the strange and interesting world of art. One of those key moments in life I suppose, no one knows what might have happened otherwise. Hence I thought it would be fitting to have him help me sort this other key moment, many years later.

original artwork by abstract artist Jonathan Oakes

Stop, Look & Listen (detail)

acrylic & pencil on canvas

original artwork by Jonathan Oakes

The Gardens Gallery is a lovely building in a small regency park setting, adjacent to a ornate bandstand and across the road from Cheltenham's up and coming "Arts" quarter i.e Montpellier. The gallery seems quite large inside and is open and airy. I am sure the sense of space will soon disappear after we hang the fifty plus artworks that I intend to exhibit. The majority of the artworks have been completed in the last twelve months. There are also a few never seen before pieces on exhibit and a few sneak peaks are on this page, and some will also appear on my Instagram posts. These will start to increase in frequency as the opening draws near.

The countdown has begun!

QR code Jonathan Oakes original art

artist logo Jonathan oakes

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