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Animal Traits

:Across the world scientists and biotechnology companies are rushing to patent hundreds of new genetically engineered animals. Patents are about profits - providing monopoly rights to exploit inventions. So scientists claim to ‘invent’ animals, who’s genetic makeup they have interfered with, in order to profit from their production:


Abstract visual form of a squat penguin. It is black and white and cannot fly. The spelling is only slightly different from the real thing.

Ball point pen on paper

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“Mum, that thing’s in the garden again!”

“Oh what a silly lad? That’s your new pet!”

“But Mum, why must I have such outlandish pets?”

“Well, it’s because of your Daddy’s job.” She said, hoping to satisfy the inquisitive child. He wasn’t having any of it.

“Yes but why? Can’t you just explain?”

“Well it’s like this son, you’re Daddy’s a genetic scientist, which means he experiments with D.N.A”

“You know what that is right?” She checked eager to go on. He just nodded eager for her to go on.

“…..and basically he can get his material from virtually anywhere, any part of any living or dead matter and change it’s D.N.A structure, and thus increase both the physical and the mortality aspects of it’s being. In short he can adjust life and possibly make life and clone life forms. The field he is working on at the moment is a new area of research, which will open up all sorts of possible dimensions to this. Needless to say it is still in it’s early stages. That’s why he is never in these days.” She paused. “He just likes to bring his work home with him. We thought you would be pleased, you know, it is something the other kids don’t have.” She paused again.

“Yes Mum, but what’s death for?” He asked.


I have seen articles where scientists have manged to graft a human ear onto the back of a mouse. Another article described giving bio-luminescence genes to mice which end up with the ability to glow in the dark. spider silk making D.N.A. has be added to goats and spider silk is then extracted from their milk. Xeno-transplantation harvesting internal organs of genetically modified animals for the use of humans. If one is clever enough an octopus chicken could be invented and of course patented. It would have many edible legs and could be stored in a very small space.


Strong abstract image, derived from a yak and musk ox. Heavy pen marks and balanced colours. The long, heavy coat of the beast protects it from most of the harsh weather. Is it hard to be happy when you are so cold? Many of my “animal” drawings and paintings are not accurate representations. I feel it is a different challenge to try to capture the animal’s trait.


Acrylic, conte crayon and ink pen on paper

Animal Traits Gallery -

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