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D31 Togetherness

I am taking part in D31 art gallery winter exhibition


3 of my paintings are featured

The exhibition takes place at

13 Scot Lane, Doncaster, UK, DN11EW

18/01/23 - 31/03/23

Lonely Bipeds with Giant Dreams

We are not apart from the environment, we are a part of it. Yet we wander the Earth as lonely bipeds with giant dreams, elegant, haughty and detached. The subtle drawing and tones give this image a light and spacious feeling. The composition suggests the viewer is beneath and looking up at the “bipeds”.

Together When, When Together

A detailed, gentle painting of abstracted tenderness. Painted over a short story co-written by the artist and a close friend. Together when? When together. The suggested forms and colours complement and feed off each other.

After it had Rained

One of my early paintings, I was using a lot of black, white and red at the time. Primitive colours, in a back to basics kind of thought. Short of materials at the time the cotton sheet has a tiny tear, the joint is sealed but it is there. The title comes from a short story written about two friends who rest whilst on a walk. It seemed to fit with the two imagined figures perhaps sheltering.

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