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Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Just a short post to remind, that the exhibition

containing 20 plus of my original abstract paintings will be ending at the end of October

The Direct Art Action Gallery in Sutton Coldfield is a wonderfully spacious venue that gives the art exhibited plenty of room and respect.

Direct Art Action UK gallery

210a Parade

(the old BHS store)

Gracechurch Shopping Centre,

Sutton Coldfield,

Birmingham. B72 1PA

what 3 words = demand.famous.animal

open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Viewing any hand-made art in a gallery setting is preferable to a digital viewing.

A physical encounter with the art creates a real experience and the viewer may pick up on the energy contained within the art, or at least is more likely to when within its physical presence.

Below are a couple of the works which are featured in the exhibition:

Controlling Musical Machines I

Emulsion, Acrylic & chinagraph pencil on paper

This painting is the first version of “controlling musical machines” which can be of course described as musical instruments. The abstracted figure is stuck, hypnotised in front of a blue light emitting screen. Making slight visual adjustments that affect the noises in the ears. I can’t do anything until you make the noise. We sit in front of a glass screen for instruction, information and experience.


Emulsion, spray paint & conte crayon photographic paper

It is the absence of the story which may turn even a banal detail into a highly charged and evocative symbol. We are always looking for meaning. Emulsion paint is heavily brushed on top of a developed photograph. Spray paint is then sprayed on the drying emulsion. Conte crayon used make marks and also to colour and tone some of the negative spaces.

More original abstract artworks by Jonathan Oakes are available at

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