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Exhibition Open

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Great news! one of my paintings is being displayed in "The Landscape" Exhibition at the

The Open Gallery

18 Rawson Street, Halifax, West Yorkshire, U.K

HX1 1NH (W3W race.cope.trials)

Opening times

4th October - 20th October

11am - 4pm Tues - Sat

Chapter 7: Imagined view

Acrylic & conte crayon on photograph

An imagined view of a landscape rather than a view of an imagined landscape. I think that there is a difference. I have had dreams similar to this, but the colours were definitely different to those in the painting. I no longer have those dreams, as I think I have already visited the places I used to imagine.

Below is another example of one of my landscape themed paintings, Both artworks and others can be found in the R.S.N. Gallery at

The Story Part 9: Landscape

Acrylic & conte crayon on photograph

Number 9 in the titling sequence, this has no bearing on any imagined story line. Another viewpoint or point of view. The “story” series of paintings are all created with acrylic painted over photographic paper and enhanced with natural shaded conte crayon. Trying to connect with a more “primitive” colour scheme, ochres, ash whites and black charcoal.

My next few post will probably contain exhibition notices, with examples of the kind of artworks you will discover at the relevant galleries. Busy times ahead!

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