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I've Been Doing Stuff!

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

One reason for having my own website is even though I have been researching for months and months I have still not found another site or artist's work that is along the same lines as mine. This is either a good thing being unique and rare. Or it could be a bad thing; that anyone who produces work like mine hates it and never wants to show it to anyone. I guess that is the beauty and fickleness of Art, peoples tastes and sensibilities differ. I have found a few artists who produce work that could be considered to be in the same ball park. I have no exhibiting restrictions at art4oka.

What I need is someone or something to do all the admin, the posting , the blogging, the networking and all the prep work. I am sure every body else thinks the same way too. We are all busy, busy looking after the things that are meant to automate our lives and provide more leisure time. When we charge our devices we reach for another one. I've been doing stuff! Procrastinating, organising and fleshing out and adding more detailed images to my websites product pages. As follows.

Piston Off - mixed media on paper - 40cm x 52cm - Unthemed Gallery -

"Is the industrial revolution over? We are producing more waste than ever before, now we are living in the digital age. Disposable but everlasting. Hopefully less fossil fuel is being burnt; however the effects are longer lasting as the supposed progress still has momentum. Huge mining projects pillage the mother earth to gain the supply demanded rare metals and elements which are processed so we cannot see them anymore, never to be replaced or recycled."

I do occasionally come across various artists online who are represented by established galleries. Then I think "my work might fit in with some of the artists that are represented" Then I might contact that gallery online to enquire and send samples and links. It must be over a dozen now. They must be doing stuff too. No replies.

However, the galleries do put me on their mailing lists for upcoming sales and promotions.

On that note I was "invited" to a local "Art Fair" where thirty or so "contemporary" ish galleries

displayed selected works from their high street galleries. My savvy daughter and I visited and tried to network and collect flyers. I subsequently contacted some of these displaying galleries. One has answered my email and has taken me on. Thank you UK Artists online!

I need to set up a gallery page and upload images etc. more stuff I'll be doing!

For a month or two I have been displaying some of my artworks on which is a general online gallery, I am under the abstract section. My art looks okay, but again there is nothing similar to compare to. To my delight I have been made Artist of the Month for July.

See the image below. which I will be distributing on my social media. I need to gather more followers or is it virtual friends, difficult making friends when in front of the all seeing eye.

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