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Project 53

Project 53 consists of mainly A4 sized landscape and portrait orientated artworks of mixed media on paper/ photo collages. Often reworked old thoughts and states of mind. Subtle colouring with delicate, detailed sections in coloured pencil and ballpoint pen.

On a previous post I mentioned that I was reviewing some of my old sketch books, pulling out and isolating some of the images. Some did not need adjusting such as "thrown", "fatigue" and "yaksad" (available in the 2029 gallery

thrown oil pastel & conte on paper

Other works needed various levels of tweaking. Working in my creative window. I was able to do a little tweaking here and a little adjusting there, as and when the time allowed. After a couple of weeks of this editing and enhancing I had finished.

I finished last week to be exact. After clearing up the mess I laid all the pieces out on the studio desk and floor. I nearly ran out of space as there are over 53 of them! I was excited and thrilled to see them all out together. They represented a new era or style of painting for me, on the whole, I was very pleased with how they turned out. All of them are A4 (20cm x 29cm) or slightly smaller and look wonderful mounted up.


mixed media on paper/ photo collage

I decided to call them the W series (one for every week of the year), well slight more actually but it will do. So their working titles were W1 or W48. Then I remembered that I am now 53 years old, not only that, but the week in which I finished this project I had 53 of my artworks out at various exhibitions.

During the scanning in and detailed section imaging I was able to give some of them proper names, such as : "the heavy goose" "haus 16" and "hungapangalow" .

So now that I have finished scanning, image gathering and adjusting the dpi. I have to name them all and write some choice words about the members of Project 53.


mixed media on paper/ photo collage

I have built another gallery on my website

Project 53 to exhibit selected examples.

Some of the artworks created draw inspirations unconsciously from and have leanings towards the work of Hieronymus Bosch, Paul Klee and Max Ernst's wartime grattage style paintings, there are also glimpses of Robert Rauschenberg's photographic collages.

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