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Something Popped Up!

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

I should have posted a few days ago with my third instalment of the ongoing saga which are the "Concise, precise perhaps" blogs, but as this title suggests, something popped up!

Namely the lovely people at Direct Art Action invited me to take part in their "Pop Up" Shops

art exhibitions in the centre of Walsall (West Midlands). I am Very grateful and very excited.

Now until end of October

Direct Art Action (pop up shop)

UNIT 33b

The Old Square Shopping Centre



looks-path-cool (or thereabouts with what 3 words)

There will be a broad range of artworks on display and for sale, a great opportunity to see many different and versatile artists in one place a celebration of diversity through art. It may even be a good place to visit to keep cool, as the what 3 words location suggests.

I will be submitting 17 artworks to the Pop Up Project. Personally prepared, polished, printed and packed. Potentially presented perfectly to a perhaps purchasing public. (example below).

Nude (medium photo)

oil pastel & acrylic

on photo collage

(not yet on )

Nude (medium photo) is a bit of a distance from my usual

style. However, it does fit in with a project that bubbles up or rather I dig up from time to time. My "prehistoric" project. I have quite an interest in prehistoric and early cultures and the "art" that was produced at the time. From cave paintings and Australian Aboriginal drawing to Palaeolithic sculptures carved from bone and antler. (A subject for another blog).

The above image is a re-imagining of some of these early sculptures such as "the Venus of Willendorf", Austria. As well as other supposed fertility related images from prehistoric times.

Even more good news! Direct Art Action have been good to me again! They have extended my original exhibition in Sutton Coldfield for another month probably ending mid September.

Direct Art Action UK gallery

210a Parade

(the old BHS store)

Gracechurch Shopping Centre,

Sutton Coldfield,

Birmingham. B72 1PA

Sutton Coldfield and Walsall are practically neighbouring districts of the West Midlands.

Intrepid and brave art adventures on the search for new exciting artworks could potentially make a day of it, there is sure to be something new to discover and perhaps even inspire.

So be there or the Old Square, but do take care.

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