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You Still Have Time

Direct Art Action Gallery

original artworks

exhibition by

abstract artist

Jonathan Oakes

Come and view a broad selection of artworks in a fantastic art space. The old BHS store in Sutton Coldfield has been turned into a contemporary gallery.

Direct Art Action UK gallery

210a Parade

(the old BHS store)

Gracechurch Shopping Centre,

Sutton Coldfield,

Birmingham. B72 1PA

what 3 words = demand.famous.animal

open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

The images below are just a taster of the original artworks that can be discovered and purchased

Ceasing the Bother from Noisy Pistons

acrylic, conte crayon and marker pen on paper

No longer being bothered by the traffic, the mind is somewhere else. Finding a quiet place for you. Escaping from the noise pollution of modern times. Can we ever not hear the low buzzing that we pretend not to hear? No peace and no quiet. Impossible to imagine what the world sounded like just a few centuries ago.

Stereo Sound

acrylic & charcoal on paper

Your ears help you balance and instruct your brain of your surroundings real or imaginary. Sounds reach each ear at different times this helps you understand your environment. When sleeping you close your eyes but you brain dreams and forms images, the dreams often contain sounds and conversations. Unheard sound, maybe echoes of previous audio encounters. Ears cannot be closed when sleeping, introduced sound can influence dreams

Long Shadow

Emulsion, spray paint & conte crayon on photo paper

A shadow is cast upon a wall. A die is cast for a result. A line is cast in pursuit of a fish. A sculpture maybe cast in bronze. Lucifer was cast out of heaven. Monkey was also cast out of heaven for eating the peaches of immortality. Humankind has cast a long shadow upon the Earth.

Direct Art Action UK is an amazing organisation that help local groups and communities with art based projects. The DAA team also have any number of pop-up venues across the unused shops in the West Midlands. Recently exhibiting artwork by to art students from local schools.

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