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no room for polar bears

no room for polar bears


20 x 29cm

mixed media on paper


As the planet’s average temperature increases due to humankind’s interference with the environment. All life forms will have to adapt or die. Probably one of the more noticeable of these emergencies is the melting of the polar ice caps. This has a huge effect on the weather systems of the world.  Polar bears are of course affected, losing their hunting grounds on the frozen sea at a rapid pace, forcing them to find alternative sources of food and having to continue to feed through the summer as they are close to starvation. They are attracted to human settlements and the waste that is produced, what are their choices? Could they be transported to the South pole so they could feed on penguins as an attempt to save a species? The Polar Bear’s Latin name is Ursus Maritimus, bear of the water; it might just have to live up to its name.

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