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English Riviera in Winter

On the journey the traveller journeys throughout the land, trying to discover a place to make a home. On arriving at the coast the traveller is transfixed with wonder at the vastness of the water, but is also saddened that they can go no further in that direction. Independent and alone. The “story” series of paintings are all created with acrylic painted over photographic paper and enhanced with natural shaded conte crayon.

Exhibiting at the

The English Riviera Winter Open.

The Artizan Collective

Fleet Walk


Devon TQ25EB


open until 24th December 2022 / 11- 4 daily bar Mondays

The Story Part 3: Toward the Sea

other artworks exhibiting include:

The story part 6: A view of Home

The story part 9: Landscape

Chapter 9: Rest

Coast Post


The Heavy Goose

original artworks by Jonathan Oakes

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