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A Glimpse of the Reasons

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

If you read my information pages on you will read some of the descriptors of my work and some of the indications of the style and reasoning behind my artworks. However throughout the years I have experimented with many styles and methods of creating art. In the early days I was creating small welded metal abstract sculptures, as well as very large abstracted expressive colourful paintings with collages on paper. The artworks had no real backbone or reason other than experimentally expressive. I was untrained and unfocused.

After thought. After study. After contemplation. My Art now has more serious meanings, more of a backbone. However, this is not always as true as I would like to think that it is. It just generally means that I like to have a point or a reason for creating the artworks. Much of my work is divided into the various projects that I have on the go. As I mention above I have experimented with different styles or even phases of painting and drawing.

Generally speaking my artwork does have an organic feel to it. Naturalistic, muted tones

evidence of paint or pigment application. Curved lines and strokes suggesting abstracted figures and shapes. These basics are also replicated in the majority of my drawings. It must be a deep rooted, maybe subconscious influence of misshapen boulders and gnarled old trees.

A good many of my larger paintings are in this style, reflecting somehow a bodily form.

Together when? When together

39 x 51 cm

acrylic & conte on collage, paper

Un-Themed gallery

A detailed, gentle painting of abstracted tenderness.

Painted over a short story co-written by the artist.

Together when? When together.

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I love how he describes his artwork I could never write nor paint like that!


Wow never seen artwork like this before very unique site too!

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