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Exhibition @ D31

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

My artworks are in the Autumn Exhibition at the

D31 Art Gallery

Scot Lane


South Yorkshire


(W3W= gentle.soap.jazzy)

opening times

08/10/22 - 15/12/22

10am - 4pm

Wed - Sun

Bent Pig

acrylic & chinagraph pencil

on canvas

The swine has dodged the bullet. Self-preservation and self-defence the pig avoids the bolt at the abattoir. Her and her kind are bred to be eaten, a victim of genetic manipulation going back to her grandparents and much further beyond that. If released from captivity would the domesticated pig eventually reach its wild original state? Would it become a boar? An abstracted representation of a beast.


Acrylic, oil pastel & conte crayon

on paper

The elements of a horse from the front, thick gestural lines of conte crayon on a brighter background. Large strokes of white acrylic paint to enhance the form of the horse. Abstracted animal.

Other artworks are of course on display on

D31 Art Gallery have web pages for the online version of the Autumn Open Exhibition:


Acrylic, conte crayon & ballpoint pen

on paper

Derived from a yak and musk ox. Heavy pen marks and balanced colours. The long, heavy coat of the beast protects it from most of the harsh weather. Is it hard to be happy when you are so cold?

Yaksad is being shown virtually.

....more news soon.

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