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New Additions

I have uploaded three new paintings into the "Sound Inspired" gallery (see below). I have started the process of thinking about re-jigging and rearranging some of the galleries on the site. Hopefully this will be done in the next few weeks. Streamlining really. I have many new and not so new artworks to exhibit in my online gallery. I have read somewhere that one should not display too many paintings at once, almost as if less is more! However, I have also read somewhere else that art is not truly art unless it is viewed someone other than the artist. Both of these statements contain a wisdom. So how do I introduce my art to the world without displaying it? People no longer have the patience to play hide and seek and probably will not ask the question "what's under tarpaulin?" They visit to look and potentially purchase.

Hopefully my individual galleries are not too crowded and are easy to navigate.

controlling musical machines I

Emulsion, Acrylic & Pencil on paper

42cm x 40cm

This painting is the first version of “controlling musical machines” which can be of course described as musical instruments. The abstracted figure is stuck, hypnotised in front of a blue light emitting screen. Making slight visual adjustments that affect the noises in the ears. I can’t do anything until you make the noise. We sit in front of a glass screen for instruction, information and experience.

source of sound

Acrylic & Charcoal on paper

39cm x 56cm

Inspired by a child’s drawing indicating the direction of the sound and perhaps the sound itself. For example the sound of aggression of someone shouting. The painting was created in landscape format, but when turned to portrait coincidentally the image resembles a screaming mouth. Powerful active lines and strokes of the paintbrush are easily deciphered as energy. In Eastern martial arts sound is also used as part of the force used to control the energy. The ringing of a bell with just the power of the sound emitted from a master without physically touching the bell.

volume increases irritation

Acrylic & Pencil on canvas

73cm x 50cm

Painted after hours of sampling & editing digital music. The volume control doesn't make allowances for mistakes. As the volume is increased then the annoyance is increased. When trying to concentrate, increasing the volume increases the level of irritation.

Keep visiting the website. For the upcoming changes and new additions. Please complete the contact form and we can email you some special previews about future artworks and events.

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