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West Studios Exhibition -It's On!

I have two of my original paintings showing at West Studios Open Exhibition, Chesterfield

West Studios

Sheffield Road


S41 7LL

tender-draw-public (w3w)

Another great opportunity for people to see my artwork. It is nice to go back up North and reminisce about adventures past, but with my good foot stepping into the future.

Lonely Bipeds With Giant Dreams

Acrylic, chalk & charcoal on paper

We are not apart from the environment, we are a part of it. Yet we wander the Earth as lonely bipeds with giant dreams, elegant, haughty and detached. The subtle drawing a tones give this image a light and spacious feeling. The composition suggests the viewer in beneath and looking up at the “bipeds”.

Together When? When Together

Acrylic, charcoal and conte crayon

on paper collage

A detailed, gentle painting of abstracted tenderness. Painted over a short story co-written by the artist and a close friend. Together when? When together. The suggested forms and colours complement and feed off each other.

more artwork can be viewed at & #art4oka

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